DBTree is a cross-platform (both database and operating system), general purpose database tool written in Java. Some of the primary features of DBTree are a tabbed interface which allows multi-database connectivity and multiple Workbooks per connection. Workbook is the main query interface and is optimized for productivity and ease of use. It is the primary selling point of DBTree. DBTree also features automatic session saving and loading upon startup.


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DBTree Release 0.8.7 -
This release includes an improved startup process, a few bug fixes and some general cleanup.

DBTree Release 0.8.6 -
This release focuses on bug fixes, dead feature removal and interface cleanup, with the intention of approaching a 1.0 release.

DBTree Release 0.8.5 -
This release introduces the following usability enhancements: improved focus handling for workbooks and the Configuration Dialog, JDBC Driver configuration improvements, and mouse-free navigation between SQL and query results.

DBTree Release 0.8.4 -
This release corrects an annoyance introduced in 0.8.3 and beautifies insert/update times.

DBTree Release 0.8.3 -
This release includes enhanced Mac compatibility, the remapping of structure insight from CTRL-key combinations to ALT-key combinations and a change in the way that the app behaves on startup when loading from session.

DBTree Release 0.8.2 -
This release introduces a few new features and fixes a bug which was introduced in the last release.

DBTree Release 0.8.1 -
This is the first release which supports DBScript, a database and OS independent scripting language based on the Java Language. A few other minor enhancements are also present in this release.

DBTree Release 0.8.0 -
This release includes a few minor enhancements.

JDBC Drivers

This section contains links to JDBC drivers for various databases...


Feedback is appreciated and can be directed to csshelton [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm especially interested in feedback regarding successes/failures with specific databases and JDBC drivers.